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Most Commonly Asked Questions answered by our campaign phone recycle supplier TSR Limited.

1.      We don’t need your SIM card and suggest you remove it before sending us your mobile phone/device.

2.      Mobile phone/device and battery is all that’s needed. Leave the battery in and the back on!

3.      Remember to unlock any PIN or passwords on your mobile phone/device before sending it in.

4.      You can send us damaged mobile phones/devices.

5.      The IMEI number is the 15 digit number that is exclusive to your mobile phone/device.

6.      If you have more than 5 handsets we will arrange a courier to collect


What sort of handsets can I donate?

We'll accept both Working and Faulty.

Grading list:

Working, 100% Value -  Handset is complete with battery and back and in working order as a functional device.

Non working - LCD has physical damage but can still be data wiped. Touchscreen is cracked or physically damaged or Screen has severe scratching. Missing buttons or a full re-housing required. Casing has missing parts such as plug covers, damaged casing clips or casing is cracked Joystick/rollerball is broken or Volume On and Off and or Mute keys don’t work.

BER £00.00 - Handset does not power up after charging or the chassis is snapped in half or water damaged. If the handset can’t have 100% data wipe confirmation due to software or hardware fault. All BER handsets have motherboards removed for granulation to ensure 100% data wipe or iOS cloud locked i-phones.

Do you except broken phones?

Yes, we except both Working and Faulty phones – See above for grading table

How do I find out what model my handset is?

Finding your handset model can sometimes be tricky. On most handsets the model is normally printed on the product label which can be found on the back of the handset

What is an IMEI number?

This sounds a bit complicated but it really isn't.

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a 15 digit serial number unique to each and every phone. You'll usually find it printed on the back of the handset or on the SIM gate of most Apple iPhones.

Alternatively you turn your phone on and type in the below and it'll display its IMEI on the screen


A 15 digit number should be displayed.

Example: 359395000322140

Why are some phones only worth £0.44p

There are thousands of handsets in the market with some worth £0.44p and others worth over £250. We constantly monitor market prices to ensure our prices remain very competitive. With some NEW prepay handsets being sold for under £10.00 the prices we can pay for second hand ones can sometimes be limited.

I don’t think my phone is worth anything can I recycle it?

If you don’t think your handset has any value we recommend you contact your local council to dispose of it

Is my phone 'working' if the battery is flat?

Yes, provided you know that the phone otherwise works then it's fine to sell as 'working'. We use our own batteries to test phones.

Do you accept fake/counterfeit phones?

There is a growing number of counterfeit phones in the UK market. These handsets look very similar to genuine products but are illegally produced and may prove to be dangerous to use. We do not accept any non-genuine products.

Do you accept stolen phones?

We DO NOT accept stolen phones, all handsets are checked.

What if my phone is blocked?

If your phone is blocked, it is likely it has been reported lost or stolen. We do not purchase blocked handsets. If you are the rightful owner of a blocked handset, we suggest you contact your service provider to have the phone unblocked

What if my phone is Network locked?

We accept Network locked handsets

What is iOS7/iOS8 Activation Lock?

Activation Lock is a security feature on iOS7 and iOS8 which locks your Apple device to your iCloud account. We require you to remove your iCloud account from your device before sending it to us.

How do I remove the Activation Lock?

Removing your iCloud account from your device is easy and can either be done via the device itself or via

Please follow either Option 1 or Option 2 instructions below. Option 2 is recommended if your device is faulty.

Option 1

Removing iCloud account via your device

1.    Turn device ON

2.    Select Settings

3.    Select iCloud

4.    Press Delete Account

5.    Enter Apple ID password when prompted

6.    Select Turn Off

Please note: The above process must be done before wiping or restoring the device.

Step 4 - Delete Account Step 5 - Enter Apple ID password when prompted

Option 2

Removing iCloud account via

1.    Device must be switched OFF*

2.    Log into with Apple ID and password

3.    Select Find My iPhone

4.    Select device from All Devices drop down (top, centre of screen)

5.    Device should appear as Offline

6.    Select Remove from Account

7.    Select Remove on confirmation message

Step 4 - Select device from Device list (top left hand side) Step 6 - Select Remove from Find My iPhone (bottom of screen)

*Device must be switched off and appear as 'Offline', otherwise 'Remove from Account' option will not appear.
If you have recently switched device off, you may have to wait a few minutes for the device to switch to 'Offline' status.

How do I send my phone(s)? 1-4 handsets (post)

You will be responsible for postage and packing.

There are various posting options if you don’t have 5 handsets to collect.  We recommend tracking post sent to us should you wish to have confirmation of its / their arrival

Telecom Supplies Recycling Limited (TSR Ltd)

Unit 3, (P4F)

Enterprise Business Park,

Milner Way,


West Yorkshire,



Phones and devices must be packaged securely in either a jiffy bag or box to ensure safe and successful delivery to us.

Unfortunately, other than when we arrange courier collection, we do not accept responsibility for non-delivery of phones or damage in transit. We therefore recommend that you send any high value units via registered post to ensure successful delivery.

Registered deliveries should be sent to us at TSR Limited headquarters (See above address)

How do I send my phone(s)? 5+ handsets (courier)

E-mail and someone from TSR Limited will contact you and arrange a courier explaining how you package the devices ready for a collection.  Alternatively you can call 01924 279 222 and speak to one of our representatives or leave a message and someone will call you back

Do I need to send the charger or accessories?

No, we just need the handset with its battery and back

Do I need to send the SIM card with my phone?

No, we only require the handset, battery and back

Please make sure your SIM card is removed.

We accept no liability in the event that any phone that has been sent with its SIM card and charges are then incurred. You shall continue to be responsible for such charges.

Do I send the Memory Card or SD with my phone?

No, we only require the handset, battery and back

How must I package my phone or device when posting it?

We require you to insert the battery into the phone or device and make sure it is switched off.

I sent my phone, has it arrived?

Royal Mail can unfortunately take up to 15 working days to deliver but generally post will arrive within 3-5 working days.  If you send recorded delivery then post should arrive as per your recorded delivery selection

What happens to my phone(s)?

Most of the phones are sent for reuse in markets such as China, Africa, Pakistan and India helping to bring improved and more widespread communications to these developing economies.

Do you sell phones?

All the phones we purchase are redistributed in bulk to various approved partners in developing countries. We do not sell to the general public

How will the charity be paid

We report back to the ITV Phones for Food Campaign on a weekly basis confirming how many phones have been received.  A running total will be offered weekly and payment will be made when ITV request the funds.  This can be at any time during and after the campaign.

How can I confirm you are the ITV Partner

Please contact – to confirm

How long is the campaign running for

5th – 30th October

How do I confirm who the charity is?

Please contact  -

I don’t have phones now but want to support in 6 months time can I

Please contact  -

How do I register my school for help from Magic Breakfast


Phones for Food




Unit 3
Unit 3
Enterprise Business Park
Milner Way
West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire

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