Meeting complex needs with bespoke recycling strategy

When Savills, the well-known estate agent chain, were looking to replace their mobile devices across its offices nationwide, they realised that they needed a company that could manage multiple collections from multiple locations across the country.

What we did:

Our approach was first to listen to what each Savills office needed to make the transition between new and old device as smooth as possible. We needed to time the collections to match the roll out, and to ensure that the process was as efficient as possible throughout.

We worked with each individual office to create one overriding recycling strategy. Some of the offices are large with 80+ staff and others are smaller with anywhere between 3 and 50 staff.

This resulted in a mix of different collection techniques. For some the best approach was to co-ordinate collections via the head office. Others preferred direct collections from their branch.

With each collection, we kept Savills HQ informed on devices received. This meant that if there were any issues where stock was unavailable to collect, they could be sorted quickly.

The end result:

30 collections were made, with over 1500 devices collected. The recycle value of these devices was worth in excess of £30,000.00, which was paid to Savills within 24 hours of receiving their invoice.

“TSR provided a fantastic service with the utmost efficiency. The collection process worked extremely well with little input from me! They really listened to what we needed and provided a strategy that was right for us. I would have no hesitation in recommending TSR.”

Ann Tydeman, Director National Administration Manager, Savills

How TSR help Ramsdens make the most from phones

Ramsdens, the UK’s largest independent pawnbrokers, were recently listed in The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 ranking the private companies with the fastest-growing profits. With nearly 130 branches across the North of England, Scotland and Wales, Ramsdens employ more than 500 staff, with plans to double in size over the next five years. As part of their multi-service financial offering, they purchase thousands of pre-used mobile phones per year for recycling.

In early 2013, Ramsdens reassessed their mobile recycling service in a bid to ensure they were providing the best possible service and price for their customers, whilst maximising their own bottom line.

They approached TSR in search of a flexible, reliable service that could carry out weekly collections at all of their branches, together with a fast payment turnaround. In addition, they needed to ensure quality in reporting, cross-referencing and analysis of data including faster testing to ensure that prices were not affected by market fluctuations. As security was also a major concern, they needed a supplier that could provide a clear audit trail for each individual device.

Our approach:

TSR developed a Complete Recycle Process Blueprint for Ramsdens to ensure that the process and logistics of the service provided the best possible turnaround times and returns.

TSR continuously strive to introduce new initiatives and programmes to provide ongoing innovation and alignment for our customers. Stock is collected by TSR drivers on a weekly basis with flexibility in times and days subject to stock availability. We go onsite to help pack and secure devices ready for collection. Unlike some of our competitors, TSR stock is never held overnight in third party warehouses awaiting redistribution. Instead, all stock is delivered directly back to our own secure warehouse facilities ready for checks and testing. Reports grade all devices, cross-referencing using IMEI numbers for grading and pricing purposes. We also provide on-demand end-user support, meaning Ramsdens can contact us whenever our help or advice is required. We use our in-depth knowledge of the markets, operators and manufacturers to bridge the divide between purchase and sale of unwanted devices.


Our payment system is the fastest in the corporate mobile recycling industry. Ramsdens produce an invoice based on our grading and final valuation report. Whether they are for £10,000 or £500,000, invoices are paid for within 24 hours of receipt, enabling Ramsdens to maximise the value of their stock without the risk of devices losing their value.


Ramsdens run all devices through CheckMend to ensure they are not blocked, lost or stolen. For devices valued at more than £150, Ramsdens take additional seller details, resulting in easy tracking back to the seller whenever issues arise.

TSR provide ongoing advice and information to keep Ramsdens updated with the latest mobility hardware and new device releases, enabling our customer to remain one step ahead at all times. As part of our ongoing commitment to support our customer’s industry knowledge, fake devices are shown to Ramsdens’ branch staff to enable them to compare the difference between genuine and non-genuine products at the point of purchase.

End result:

“We are extremely pleased with choosing TSR as our partner and look forward to continuing to grow and develop the relationship. Their clear approach to business means there are no hidden agendas or smoke screens. The honesty and integrity TSR provide keeps them miles ahead of their competition. The fact we can pick up the phone or e-mail them at any time and hear back immediately means we can change our business in line with their flexibility and stay ahead of a market where manufacturers continue to release new devices and hardware which we at Ramsdens want to offer a buyback value for.”

Colin McLauchlin, Commercial Director Ramsdens Financial Limited


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